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About Libaration71

Project 71 is an ongoing project started by some hopeful young people for making a game named "Liberation 71" which is based on the true story of the Liberation war 1971 of Bangladesh.

This group of worker introduce themselves as "Team 71" which was formed 16 December, 2012. On that day they started their project with no resource. Still they don't have any money, any capital or game making equipment, just have a lot of confidence that they are gonna make it. They can show the future generation how the brave heroes of 1971 achieved the Liberation of our country. They will know the glory, love this country more by playing this game.

This group is still working for a demo version which will help them to find sponsor for building the full version of the game "Liberation 71". They have some active programmers and few graphics designers working. Still they are searching for volunteer workers for developing this game.

If everything goes right, then very soon they are gonna show the world the real history of the liberation war of Bangladesh.

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